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Full of moisturizing benefits, the Premium Lettuce & Cucumber Watery is an ultra-hydrating and cooling line that makes dry, flaky skin a thing of the past! The water-based hydration refreshes and calms skin that is stressed by the hot summer sun, without leaving a sticky, greasy residue.

You Need Water To Make The Grade

You are 65% water. This scientific fact shows the absolute necessity of water to maintain and promote your body’ s health. Generally speaking, you can only survive without water for about three days, not taking into account any kind of high stress environment.

There are still daily external stress factors which, while they may not kill you, are still wreaking havoc on your body’ s health, especially your skin. The heat of the sun, UVA/UVB rays, and wind and pollution exposure are detrimental to the overall health of skin, and can cause skin to dry, flake, and itch, and look dull and worn out.

Lettuce Introduce You To Premium Moisturizing Skin Care

Skin has an optimal level of sebum (natural oil) that keeps it healthy, hydrated, and happy. When skin operates at its optimal moisture level, our complexion is firm and bright. Makeup goes on easy and stays on all day.

Before skin gets stressed, call in the moisturizing cavalry! Lettuce extracts have a naturally high water content, quickly cooling and refreshing sun-stressed skin. Lettuce also has high levels of minerals, as well as vitamins A, which help hydrate, firm, and illuminate skin for a balanced complexion.

Cucumber extracts help tone and moisturize skin. They provide soothing repair for sun-damaged skin. Cucumber is packed with vitamin C, which helps restore and stimulate collagen in skin for a firmer, healthier complexion. We use a technique of steam distillation on our cucumbers. Condensation of the steam is collected to create a fragrant cucumber water, without sacrificing the natural plant oils and essence.

Our Vegetables Get The Gold Star

Star Farms are selected by Korea’ s Natural Agricultural products Quality Management Service for their sustainable growing methods and produce. Only 2% of all farms in Korea are awarded this honor! SKINFOOD uses organic lettuce and cucumbers, which are sustainably grown at the Jang An Star Certified Farm in South Korea,

Water You Waiting For? Healthy Skin Starts Here

Premium Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Toner

A water-based toner that cools and hydrates. It’ s made up of 5% lettuce extract, 5% cucumber extract, and 20% cucumber water (hydrosol). 

Premium Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Emulsion

A light, water-based emulsion that cools and hydrates without leaving residue. It’ s made up of 5% lettuce extract, 5% cucumber extract, and 20% cucumber water (hydrosol). 

Premium Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Essence

A water-based essence that soothes and hydrates. The restorative formula provides intense moisturization for a softer, more translucent complexion. It’ s made up of 10% lettuce extract, 10% cucumber extract, and 30% cucumber water (hydrosol). 

Premium Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Cream

A water-based hydrating cream that provides deep, lasting hydration and creates a barrier to prevent moisture loss. Skin is instantly cooled and kept soft all day long. It’ s made up of 10% lettuce extract, 10% cucumber extract, and 30% cucumber water (hydrosol).